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Minimising voids through careful management of your rental property

The Right Place Milton Keynes letting agency minimises voids for our landlord clients. A simple concept, but one that requires a careful mix of skills, people and processes.

Being a successful and ethical landlord is entirely within your reach, but this is not a job for you to undertake for yourself unless you’re able to commit 100% of your time. It’s a job for a professional letting agency, such as The Right Place.  

We’re efficient, accountable and represent great value for money, as testified by our landlord clients and our tenants.

The Right Place – The Landlord’s ‘VIP’ Milton Keynes Letting Agent

The Right Place is the perfect Milton Keynes letting agent for landlords who want a ‘VIP’ service. In other words, those landlords who want their Milton Keynes property earning them a consistent, reliable and ethical income.

We’re not just letting agents, we’re professional property managers. We don’t do ‘tenant finds’ as a standalone service, as that does not do you justice. It’s true, we’re great at finding tenants – and we’re fast. However, this is only half the task. What really matters is making tenants feel secure in a property that they want to call ‘their home’.

So, we find – and more importantly keep – good tenants for our landlord clients as part of our complete professionally managed service. When we refer to ‘good’ tenants, we mean people with the right attitude and desire to build a good relationship with their landlord through us, The Right Place. Simply put, we’re the landlord’s VIP letting agency.

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You and your investment are our number one priority. We turn landlord’s property investments into successful private rental businesses. It’s all about finding the profit … and charging the right rent is just the beginning.

 The Landlord Blog 
From legislative updates to tax efficiency to tenant relationships, the Landlord Blog is where you’ll find insights and guidance on how to be a successful landlord with the help of The Right Place. Remember, we’re in partnership with you.

Tenants – please register with us
We’ll only place you in a Milton Keynes rental property that we professionally manage. So, please register with The Right Place letting agency and take the next step to finding the right place to call ‘your home’.

Experts on letting in Milton Keynes

Why are we the best letting agents for you in Milton Keynes? Because we know Milton Keynes so well it could be our specialist subject on Mastermind! We’ve grown up, worked, lived and raised our own families in Milton Keynes.  Consequently, we love the area and have the local knowledge to deliver an unrivalled, personal and professional property management service.

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Be a ‘VIP’ landlord not a ‘DIY’ landlord

Doing it yourself as a landlord is a big task and, like a lot of household DIY projects, it can go very wrong. When it does, you end up getting the professionals in and any thoughts of saving money through DIY just doesn’t happen. You could end up losing money, because this is indeed a numbers game. Pay a fair fee for a professional job and you’ll earn a reliable income. Cut corners and you’ll end up paying a lot more.

Managing tenancies takes skill, knowledge, time and patience. It’s a full time job involving other people’s lives – your tenants – to whom you have a duty of care as a landlord. The Right Place is exactly the kind of ‘middle man’ you need on your side.

See how we could turn your property into a successful let.

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