Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose you as my letting agent ?

We always remember that you have a choice. We're proud that our landlords typically achieve higher rental income and lower void periods compared to self-managing landlords, which more than covers our low monthly management fee.

We achieve this by offering ZERO setup fees, reducing the risk of rent payment problems with our unique enhanced tenant vetting process and market-leading tenant referencing and ‘Nil Excess’ Rent Guarantee, keeping 100% on top of rent collection using Direct Debit and ensuring minimum voids through excellent tenant satisfaction.

Figures from leading landlord insurance companies demonstrate that self-managing landlords make far more claims for loss of rent and property damage than professional letting agents.

Most landlords simply don't have the time required to maximise their investment. Whilst some landlords prefer to take an active role in their property management we firmly believe that our service frees landlords from the time constraints and stress involved in being a successful landlord. Keeping properties rented with quality tenants and staying on top of the ever changing legislation and property maintenance requires a lot of time, effort and experience.

At The Right Place we are able to market your property to a high standard, reference tenants to a level beyond what self-managing landlords and other agents can achieve and offer 6 months FREE Rent Protection and Legal Expenses Cover to landlords using our Platinum Professionally Managed service.

We tailor our service for each landlord, so if you want to be kept informed at every stage, then we can do that ! If you want to leave it all to us so you can get on with other things, then we can do that too !

Can I trust you ?

We have over 20 years experience in the lettings industry. We are members of the UK Association of Letting Agents (UKALA), an accredited member of The National Landlords Association (NLA) and Milton Keynes Private Landlords Association (MKPLA). We are registered with the Property Redress Scheme (PRS), a government authorised consumer redress scheme for Property Agents and Professionals, MyDeposits, a government authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme and the Information Commissioners Office for Data Protection.

Most importantly all client funds are held in a separate bank account and covered by Client Money Protection Insurance and we have Professional Indemnity Insurance as well as being an accredited Safe Agent Member.

How do I attract quality tenants to my property ?

The rental market can be competitive and it’s important to maximise your chances of achieving the best rent and attracting the best tenants. Our experience has taught us that tenants prefer a well maintained and clean property, ideally recently decorated, with neutral coloured walls and plain carpets, or wood flooring. Properties in good decorative order will generally attract the best tenants and encourage them to respect the property and treat it like their home.

First impressions count! Remember to maximise 'kerb appeal'. Keep all front gardens, front door, porch and hallway clean and tidy, with no clutter in sight. If you have pets we recommend that you put them outside during viewings and ensure the property has been aired to remove any animal smells.

We always recommend that properties are professionally cleaned, especially the kitchen cooker, before a tenancy starts and we would expect the tenants to do the same before vacating the property.

Of course if you want to put on a pot of freshly ground coffee then it all helps to make your property welcoming and stand out from the rest.

Should I rent it furnished ?

Not unless you really need to leave some furniture. From a rental income perspective there really is very little difference between furnished and unfurnished properties and if you leave furniture then you will need to ensure it complies with The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (amended 1989 & 1993). Any furniture you provide will need to be maintained and replaced when broken (unless breakage is caused by tenant damage). We generally find that company lets prefer furnished properties, but professionals and families looking to stay long term tend to bring their own furniture.

White goods (fridge, freezer, washing machine, etc) can be appealing and in larger family homes a dishwasher is always welcome. However, many families prefer to have their own white goods, so for this reason we do not recommend providing white goods, unless your prospective tenants request them, in which case the rent is always negotiable upwards! If you do provide white goods, then we recommend that they are PAT tested at the start of each new tenancy to ensure they are safe. We can organise PAT testing for you from a reliable local company.

If the property has gardens, then it is a good idea to provide some garden tools, lawn mower, etc. However, your tenants are always responsible for maintaining the home and garden, even if you do not provide garden tools.

Tenants always prefer a bathroom to include a shower and we would recommend that you also include an extractor fan to ensure the bathroom receives adequate ventilation.

All instruction manuals for appliances including boilers should be left at the property.

We find that family tenants prefer an unfurnished property, so that they can make it their own and it is said that tenants take better care of a property containing their own furniture and furnishings.

Do I need to tell my mortgage provider ?

Yes, you must obtain written consent from your mortgage provider and freeholder (if property is leasehold) and we will require evidence of this.

You should also inform your insurance company that the property is to be rented and appropriate insurance obtained for a tenanted property. There are specialist insurance companies who can provide this and we are happy to assist you, if required.

You will also need to inform the Inland Revenue within six months of letting your property, flat or apartment in the UK. Failure to do so may mean you could incur penalties, interest and other consequences. The Inland Revenue have been known to deal harshly with landlords who do not declare rental income and it is always best to seek advice on tax planning and capital gains tax from a fully qualified accountant

How will I know that I've got the right tenants ?

Here at The Right Place we don’t just find you a tenant, you get complete peace of mind.

You get 6 months FREE ‘Nil Excess’ Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses Cover with our Platinum Professionally Managed service, which includes a full Tenant Eviction Service, covering completion of court paperwork, court fees and court attendance by experienced solicitors, as well as bailiff costs and any rent due up to vacant possession. We recommend that you allow us to automatically renew the initial 6 months free guarantee to give you continued protection in the event of a sudden, or unexpected change in your tenant's circumstances.

You can always be confident that we stand by our choice of tenant. Our Tenant Find Premium and Plus services both include 12 months FREE Tenant Eviction Service, covering completion of court paperwork, court fees and court attendance by experienced solicitors, so you are fully protected should something go wrong.

We perform extensive vetting of all prospective tenants and in many cases insist on a guarantor. We only rent to tenants that we would be happy to accept in our own rental portfolio.

We collect rent payments by Direct Debit, which ensures we are notified immediately should the rent payment fail, or if your tenant cancels their Direct Debit. We are almost unique in this respect, as most lettings agents still rely on their tenants to set up and maintain a bank standing order for rent payment, which is a much inferior method of rent collection.

What sort of tenancy agreement will the tenants have ?

Unless it's a company let, all our tenancies are normally Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreements. The initial fixed term of the tenancy is 6 months, after which time the tenancy becomes Statutory Periodic, which means it runs from month to month.

Who pays the council tax and bills ?

The tenants are responsible for paying the council tax and utility bills. However, the rent charged must include any ground rent and maintenance charges that the landlord is responsible for.

Do I need to still pay buildings or contents insurance ?

Yes, it's important that you have landlords insurance covering the building and your internal fixtures and fittings (i.e. fitted kitchen, white goods, carpets, curtains, etc). There are specialist insurance companies who can provide this and we are happy to put you in touch with our insurers to arrange this, if required.

The tenant is responsible for insuring their own personal effects and furniture.

What if the tenants cause damage ?

A security deposit is held in case of any damage or dilapidation of the property during the tenancy. All our tenancy deposits are protected by a government approved tenancy deposit protection scheme. At the end of the tenancy any tenant damage costs are deducted from the security deposit in accordance with the scheme provider's rules. We do however recommend that all landlords take out their own Landlord Insurance with protection against tenant and malicious damage to protect themselves - contact us for further information.

Will the tenants pay a deposit to me ?

Since April 2007 it is a legal requirement in England and Wales to protect all deposits taken on assured shorthold tenancies with a Government approved tenancy deposit protection scheme. At The Right Place we use a custodial scheme where the tenants deposit is held by the scheme providers and not held by the landlord or us as the agent. Although we protect the deposits for all our landlords the law states that the landlord and agent are liable for the deposit protection.

What if I want to move back into the property ? Can I get the tenants to leave ?

An Assured Shorthold Tenancy is protected during the fixed term (normally the first 6 months) and you will not be able to regain possession of the property during the fixed term, unless there is a serious breach of contract by the tenant. A landlord can issue a Section 21 Notice to formally request possession at the end of the tenancy (provided at least two months notice is given) and should you want to end the tenancy at the end of the term we will issue any statutory notices and liaise with the tenant on your behalf. If court action is needed, then possession can be obtained on a number of different grounds and we will liaise with you, should this become necessary.

It should be noted that it is a criminal offence, under the Protection from Evictions Act 1977, for a Landlord to threaten, or forcibly evict a tenant from their property.

How do I receive the rent ?

We are almost unique in that we use Direct Debit for rent collection, which reduces the risk of your tenant defaulting on their rent and prevents them from cancelling a standing order without us knowing. We are immediately notified if a tenant cancels their Direct Debit, allowing us to act swiftly, contact the tenant and collect payment, even over the telephone, before rent arrears develop.

You will receive your rent directly into your bank account no more than 7 days after we receive it.

What happens about maintenance of the property ?

Under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 the landlord is responsible for maintaining the external structure of the property and any outbuildings, such as external walls, roofs, doors and windows (excluding glass), drains, gutters and outside pipes, together with the main paths that lead to the front and back doors. Inside the property, the landlord is responsible for water and gas pipes, wiring, heating systems, drainage, power and light fittings and any items originally provided.

The landlord is also responsible for carrying out a gas safety check once a year, if the property has a gas supply.

For all properties on our Professionally Managed Platinum Service, we will arrange any repair work and we do not add any mark up to maintenance costs. Our landlord contract specifies an agreed limit per maintenance job that you authorise us to spend without prior approval. For any work over this limit we will provide quotations for you to approve prior to the works taking place.

Tenants are provided with a dedicated 24 hour maintenance voicemail service.

Full details of our maintenance policy can be found here.

Do you accept tenants on benefits ?

As a rule, we do not recommend our landlords to accept tenants ONLY in receipt of benefits and many buy to let mortgages will have restrictions against this. However, if we find some ideal tenants who are on a lower income and are in receipt of a benefit (i.e. housing benefit, disability allowance for themselves or children, etc) that would need to be included in their affordability check, then we will carry out our enhanced vetting process and ensure that they provide a creditworthy guarantor.

We can also arrange ‘Nil Excess’ Rent Guarantee for tenants in receipt of benefits - contact us for details.

Do you accept pets ?

We are a nation of pet lovers. Latest research suggests that 47% of households in the UK own a pet, so there is a sound business case for accepting pets to open up your potential tenant market considerably.

Unfortunately, some pets can cause a lot of expensive damage. Cats can claw furniture and decoration and dogs can scratch and chew doors and walls. Also, pet odours can become embedded into carpets and soft furnishings, making it difficult, or perhaps even impossible to remove the odour. Irresponsible pet owners don't always clean up after their pets and sometimes gardens can become full of animal waste.

If a landlord is prepared to consider pets we follow the Dogs Trust guidance on Lets with Pets

If accepted, tenants are required to pay a non-refundable £300 Pet Cleaning Supplement to the landlord at the start of their tenancy, to cover any additional cost of pet hair removal, anti-bacterial, anti-mite and anti-odour treatment of carpets, curtains and soft furnishings, as well as two months' rent as security deposit. Pet owners are also contractually obliged to have - and maintain throughout their tenancy - tenant's contents insurance that covers accidental damage by their pet. Don't worry though, we can arrange the appropriate insurance cover for tenants through our insurance partners.

We also recommend that pet owners offer to pay a slightly higher rent to incentivise the landlord to accept their request to keep a pet.

I live abroad, does that matter ?

Yes, any landlords living abroad will need to provide evidence of their Inland Revenue Tax Exemption Certificate, otherwise we are required by law to deduct 20% income tax from your rent and pay it directly to HMRC. We charge an additional administration fee for this service - please see our terms and conditions.

Is there anything else I should do once my property is let ?

We recommend that you use the Post Office redirection service to redirect any mail as we are not responsible for forwarding your mail to you.

What are your fees ?

Tenancy Setup Fee - for Platinum Professionally Managed service £ZERO
Tenancy Setup Fee - for Tenant Find only services from £99
Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) £75
Gas Safety Certificate AND Boiler Service £95
Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR) from £150
Legionnaires Disease Risk Assessment £100
Supply and fit a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm £50 each
Rent Guarantee (12 months) £180
Cancellation of contract after instruction £150 min + disbursements
Hourly Rate for Additional Miscellaneous Services
(i.e. extra visits to property requested by landlord, waiting time at property for landlord, contractors, etc)
£50 per hour (or part of)
Work supervision for non-general maintenance work 15% of contract value (£50 min)
Managing insurance claims work 15% of contract value (£50 min)
Key cutting Cost + £10 admin per key
Copy documents £10 per document
Preparation of supporting documents for possession £150
Attendance at Court £150
Quarterly HMRC tax returns for overseas landlords 5% of quarterly rent
Property sold to tenant or third party introduced by us 1% of sale price on completion
Additional Services for Non-Managed Properties:  
Professional Inventory from £75
Contract Renewal £60
Issue Notice of Possession (Section 21) £50
Key Holder Services £10 per month + £50 per visit
Tenant Viewings £50 per hour (or part of)
Tenant Check-In £75
Tenant Check-Out £75

Full details of our landlord fees can be found here.

Landlords Documents

Click here to download our Landlord Fee Schedule Click here to download our Tenancy Agreement Click here to download our Maintenance Policy